Step into my garden, darling.

I’ll pour you a glass of wine and sing you a song...

Life is a beautiful adventure, and while womanhood and motherhood are beautiful parts of that journey, they can also feel challenging and lonely at times. Come home, put your feet up, and let me wrap you in the sweet embrace of music.

My music is an honest and raw breadcrumb trail through my soul. From parenting young children to leaving a marriage, being a tired and overworked single mother to falling in love again, raising kids into adulthood to becoming a grandmother...

I’ve lived it, and I’ve written through it all. 


My music isn’t about anything other than real life

Single mama? 

Working 3 jobs to stay afloat?

Feeling ready to pull your hair out? 

I’ve been there, sister. I write these songs because I see you… I see you experiencing the same range of emotions of pain and joy as I have. While we all have beautiful, unique experiences, music can truly bring us together as a sisterhood. 

Although my life certainly isn’t “perfect,” I have achieved a personal state of bliss, and this is what I want for you. 

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