New Single “Every Winding Mile” – Released May 26

This is a love song for the road trip between Prince George and Vancouver, BC. Either end of this journey has loved ones waiting at the end. The Fraser Canyon drive is often companioned by a passing train for at least a portion of the drive, and those sounds alone hold much nostalgia for this songwriter. Although floods and fires have changed the landscape of the journey, every bit of it holds memories. “Some are sweet and some are bitter.”

Artwork: Jodeen Hodgson
Photography: El Dunfield

Music & Lyrics: Dawn Boudreau
Vocals, Piano: Dawn Boudreau
Produced By: David Ramos & Dawn Boudreau @ Pandemonia Music
Mixed By: David Ramos, Pandemonia Music

Mastered at: Brock McFarlane, CPS Mastering

Percussion: Kate MacColl

Upright Bass: Derek Maroney

Harp: Emily Von Hausen

Accordion: Alison Jenkins

Violin: Katie Stewart

Thank you to:

Carter Hortie for always supporting my dreams and road trips and for being the soul I long to see in Vancouver.