Photo of Dawn in a light green halter dress, backed by sunset

“Hotcakes & Sausage” is from the 2006 album
Tinge of Tangerine.

Jazz-Folk Music

Story songs from experiences
on the bumpy road to bliss.

First album, Tinge of Tangerine (2006), available now.

Also available:

Love from the Piano Bar  (2008) – Dawn Boudreau singer Jazz standards w/ pianist David Sproule

Sweet Free Little Things EP (2011)

Under the Solstice Sun (2011) – an acoustic CD of Holiday songs, piano and vocals by Dawn Boudreau

More about Dawn Boudreau

The mystical and legendary Fraser River community of Penny, BC produced this musician in 1972.

Dawn Boudreau’s journey has taken her from flower child, to wife and mother, to jazz diva, to university student, only to circle back to a flower child. Now living in Vancouver, BC, with her Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies safely installed on the wall, she gardens and teaches piano and voice lessons to many students. In her time of peace, she wishes to share her journey with you through the means of folk jazz songs of the comedy & tragedy life brings.