Vancouver singer-songwriter Dawn Boudreau starts off 2020 with some Flings & Things, the latest signpost on her long jazz road.
Who says coming-of-age stories are just for teenagers? Boudreau has lived some life and survived the twists and corkscrews to tell the tales – in the form of these 11 new songs.
New is a relative term, of course. Many were written over the past 10 years or so and held for just the right rainy day. After completing her Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies in 2016, she justifiably wanted to take some time to decompress, process and wind up for her next pitch.
Here it is, fresh out of Monarch Studios in Vancouver, with David Sikula providing the production engineering and mixing.

released November 20, 2019

Vocals & Piano: Dawn Boudreau
Piano (Inhibition Free, Say Sweet Things): Cole Tinney
Guitar: Bronson Ferdinand Wright
Pedal Steel: Bradshaw Pack
Drums & Percussion: Terence Wendenburg
Upright Bass & Electric Bass: Derek Maroney
Mandolin: Sam Scholes
Violin: Elyssa Perkins
Backing Vocals: Tahnee Juryn & Leah Putzi Heywood
Accordion: Katheryn Petersen
Flute, Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone: Mike W.T. Allen
Chorus: Emily Axelson, Michael Geithner, Carter Hortie, Anita Ingvalsen, Jasmin Khangura, Kate MacColl, Selena Marchetti, Benson Musaev, Elyssa Perkins, Mendel Perkins, Rebecca Rauscher, Karen Rouse, Soroush Tadayoni