The frost is upon us this morning, as it has most of the week. The summer weather stretched into autumn, which was a gift after its late start. The rainy spring lasted until the end of June! But now I wonder where our rains are . . .

I intended to launch this private blog in July, but technology was not my friend.
I did have a few performances in summer, although the last one, scheduled for August 23rd, was thwarted by a bout of Covid. I’m recovered now am booking shows locally for November and January.

How are you?

This question is often pat answered, “Fine!”
Rarely is that the whole story.
In general, I feel happy and content. Have I mentioned the word bliss? 😉
But there are undertones of impending doom these days.
Since I don’t allow myself the crutch of religion, I can’t hide in that faith some find comforting.
I do however believe that the universe is all connected and what I do affects you and vice versa. So I send out loving energy to you and those you hold dear right now and on a regular basis. Just not usually while I’m battling traffic, because then I turn into a ferocious beast and warrior for fair behaviour. But that’s a different story.
For now, I just want to know— How are you?

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