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  • Calendula Lip Balm


    Handcrafted with calendula from my garden, this luscious, natural lip balm moisturizes and heals. Contains Calendula, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax.

  • Need some healing love? Each 2 oz. jar is filled by hand with calendula-steeped sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, beeswax and rose hydrosol. All natural and handmade with the special ingredient of Grammy’s love. Heal your boo-boos, from dry skin to bug bites and scrapes. Made for “grandchildren” of all ages.
  • Dawn Boudreau and David Sproule have been jazzing up the Prince George scene over the past decade. The past year has taken the two artists down separate musical paths, but before their time as a duo filters away, they have collaborated on a CD of 14 jazz standard love songs titled, Love from the Piano Bar. All of the piano recording and photography for this beautiful CD took place at Jordy's Lounge, Prince George, British Columbia's best kept secret. The grand piano and wood beam interior of Jordy's Lounge inspired Boudreau and the management was thrilled to accommodate the recording and photography sessions. Boudreau and Sproule have chosen their favorite love songs for this CD and they hope you enjoy your romantic evenings to the melodies they have created. Both musicians are music teachers and working musicians in Prince George.
  • Aromatic sage (salvia) branches, hand cut, dried and fashioned. Each stick of fragrant sage is a labour of love, intended to burn to cleanse the air and environment. Whether your burning practice is spiritual or physical, these hand-crafted bundles will suit your senses. Each stick is approximately 5 - 6 inches long and 1.5 - 2.5 inches in diameter.

  • An homage to the swift passing of youth. Download code on the back of this Artwork Sticker gives you the mp3s of:
    1. Sweet Child of Mine
    2. Sesame Street (Theme)
    3. My Favourite Things
    4. Free
    5. Little Girl
  • A collection of original music by Dawn Boudreau, inspired during the time of transition from being married to single and finding love again. All while raising 3 preteen children. Released in 2006.


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